The Shadow World



Welcome to the Shadow World!

Pictured above: A Lankani temple complex; a moor in Hæstra; exiting a Portal somewhere in Khûm-kaan
Eidolon Studio is my design company, and while I am involved in other projects, my passion is my creation, the Shadow World.
As of Summer 2018 this site is newly revized; eidolon studio 2.0 as it were. So keep in mind this is a work in progress. I welcome your input on the content; feel free to email

If you have problems with the site or general questions, please email to the admin.

A few reviews of Shadow World from RPGnet:

Overall I would say that Shadow World rates among the better fantasy RPG settings available today. 

The setting is very different and more exciting than any other fantasy setting I can think of. 
—Wes Johnson

A very interesting and detailed setting. 
—Brent Knorr

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